Haley Luffman

Regional Manager at Showplace Design Center

About Haley Luffman

An accomplished operations executive with a wealth of experience in the field, Haley Luffman currently works as a regional manager with Showplace Design Center in Nashville, Tennessee. In this capacity, she oversees a wide range of field investigations and assumes responsibility for problem-solving efforts on site. During her time with the company, Haley Luffman has performed quality control for a number of prominent clients, including NuFace Cabinetry and Wholesale Granite Warehouse. She has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the company’s business development strategies, which allows her to foster growth at all levels of the organization.

Before taking up her current responsibilities, Haley Luffman spent the better part of five years as a sales director with Affinity Stone Solutions in Nashville. As a sales leader with the company, she managed an integrated computer system and coordinated projects for sales associates. Ms. Luffman also managed home repair and construction accounts for clients such as Lowe’s and Home Depot.

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