Halloween Wars!!!

Who Will Win???

First, second and third place winners for the following,

  • Costumes (NOT provided)
  • Creepy Food {(has to taste good) (food is provided)}
  • Pumpkin Carvings (pumpkins are provided)

     There is a $5 entry fee. First place winners get $500, second place winners get $250, third place winners get $75.

     There is a chance for the top five pumpkin carvers to get put on a team with a candy craftsmen and a cake artiest. In this competition you will need to make designs that we give you. the first part of each stage you will get 45 minutes and if your team is the winner you get extra help in the second part of the stage which is five hours long. There are four stages and in the second part of each stage one team gets eliminated.

Here is an example

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