Hal Shapiro

Real Estate Broker in Scarsdale, NY

A current resident of Scarsdale, NY, Hal Shapiro completed his secondary education at New Rochelle High School in New Rochelle, New York, and his postsecondary education at the University of Miami (U of M) in Coral Gables, Florida. After earning his bachelor of business administration from U of M, he embarked on a career in real estate brokerage and advisory services with a dual focus in retail tenants and property owner representation.

As the current senior director of New York City’s Winick Realty Group, Hal Shapiro handles client brokerage negotiations throughout Westchester County, the Bronx, and Manhattan. His accomplishments in recent years include completing two retail leases for spaces totaling 6,422 square feet at the base of the 177-unit PowerHouse Condominium complex at 50-09 Second Street in Long Island City. The new property will house retail locations for new tenant Tiger J Taekwondo and facilitate a significant expansion by existing tenant Brighter Babies.

The Real Estate Board of New York’s Charitable Arm

Providing property owners and retail tenants with a broad array of advisory and brokerage services in order to maximize returns, Hal Shapiro of Scarsdale, NY, serves as senior director at Winick Realty Group. Hal Shapiro also serves as a member of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY).

REBNY began with 27 members in 1896 as the Real Estate Board of Brokers of the City of New York. Today the organization is made up of more than 17,000 accomplished real estate professionals who strive to advance and improve the field in New York City.

To further encourage and sustain the industry’s tradition of volunteerism and philanthropy, the REBNY Foundation was established in 1985. Since then, the nonprofit has raised a substantial amount of funds to assist organizations offering shelter and services to New York’s most needy. Its initiatives include the establishment of the George M. Brooker Teachers for Tomorrow Fund to support teaching fellows.

The foundation has assisted in raising millions of dollars for 9/11 charities such as the Red Cross and Twin Towers Orphan Fund. It also made contributions to the REBNY’s Member in Need Fund, which assists REBNY members who, due to crisis or an illness, are experiencing financial distress.

Real Estate Board of New York Holds 121st Annual Banquet

Scarsdale, NY, resident Hal Shapiro serves as senior director at Winick Realty Group, LLC, where he has worked since 2001. Alongside his various activities in and around Scarsdale, NY, Hal Shapiro remains active with the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY).

REBNY held its 121st Annual Banquet at the New York Hilton on January 19, 2017. At the event, more than 2,200 real estate industry professionals gathered with a number of city and state dignitaries, including New York State governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio.

The evening served to recognize individuals who have worked to improve real estate development in New York City. The guest of honor at REBNY’s 121st Annual Banquet was the 2017 John E. Zuccotti Public Service Award winner, Carl Weisbrod. Weisbrod, who recently announced his retirement as chairman of the New York City Planning Commission and director of the New York City Department of City Planning, is known for his outstanding public service work that included revitalizing Time Square and helping to rebuild areas damaged on 9/11.

In addition to Weisbrod, several other standout real estate leaders were recognized with honors that included the Harry B. Helmsley Distinguished New Yorker Award and the Kenneth R. Gerrety Humanitarian Award. The event closed with a educational video focusing on the expanding transit infrastructure of New York.

International Council of Shopping Centers - Continuing Education

A resident of Scarsdale, NY, Hal Shapiro is a real estate professional and senior director with the Winick Realty Group. As his work centers on retail real estate leasing, Hal Shapiro maintains a membership with the International Council of Shopping Centers.

The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) is dedicated to promoting the shopping center industry and continually advancing the quality of shopping centers around the world. It connects influential stakeholders, provides educational resources, and conducts research to help members better understand trends and developments in the shopping center industry.

The ICSC offers continuing education at conferences, online, and at in-person classes. The organization's largest educational program is the University of Shopping Centers, held at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. In these classes, participants learn from industry experts in a variety of disciplines. The program maintains a focus on topics that can be usefully applied to everyday work in the shopping center industry.

These courses are flexible, allowing students to choose up to six courses at a time. Each class is worth 0.5 credits for those pursuing ICSC certification renewal. To learn more, visit www.icsc.org/university.

Winick Realty Group - Retail Leasing Leader on the East Coast

A graduate of the University of Miami, Hal Shapiro of Scarsdale, NY, holds a BBA in business management. Since 2001 Hal Shapiro of Scarsdale, NY, has served as managing director of Winick Realty Group, LLC, in New York City.

Winick Realty Group has served clients in the retail leasing sector for 35 years. The firm relies on a diverse team of sales professionals and brokers who leverage their connections with landlords and developers to assist clients in finding the right location at the best price.

In addition to assisting with store leasing, Winick Realty Group offers consulting services and portfolio management to property owners and corporate and institutional owners. Having excelled in the New York market, the firm has expanded to Florida, where it partners with Avenue Real Estate Partners, and New Jersey.

Winick Realty Group also operates an Investment Sales Division, helping clients identify off-market acquisition deals in the retail sector. Using its extensive networks and market analytics capabilities, the firm collaborates with retail leasing brokers to support clients in the acquisition and sale of cooperatives, retail condominiums, and mixed-use buildings.

Three Ways the Economy Could Affect Commercial Real Estate in 2017

Since 2001, Hal Shapiro of Scarsdale, NY, has served as the senior director of Winick Realty Group, LLC. A member of the Real Estate Board of New York, Hal Shapiro focuses on the commercial sector. He has completed transactions for such entities as JP Morgan Chase, T-Mobile, and L’Oréal.

Here are a few economic factors that could affect the 2017 commercial real estate market.

1. Higher interest rates
The Federal Reserve increased interest rates by a small fraction at the end of 2016 and again in March 2017, and Kiplinger expects rates to continue to increase through 2019. While these rates may decrease the affordability of real estate, the presence of higher interest rates across the broader economy typically correlates with a favorable real estate market.

2. Energy uncertainties
Commercial real estate pricing is tied to the performance of the oil pricing. With the volatility of recent months, sellers and leasers stand to benefit from more revenue as consumers have more disposable income to spend. However, beyond the short term of 2017, any stabilizing in oil values will also directly affect the commercial real estate market.

3. Potential legislation edits

Legislative effects of the Dodd-Frank Act could lessen in 2017-2018 depending on decisions by the current presidential administration. A reduction of regulation could lead to short-term benefits, but commercial real estate could suffer if lending practices become too lenient.