History or Conspiracy?

On July 8, 1947 something quite mysterious happened. An unidentified flying object crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Shortly after the crash the  Roswell Army Air Field issued a press statement saying that members of 509th operations group had recovered a "flying disk". However the military released a second press statement saying that the "flying disk" was actually just a a hot air balloon that was part of a top secret operation called Project Mogul. According the military Project Mogul involved "microphones flown on high altitude air balloons". But what they didn't tell the press was the purpose of the project. Charles B. Moore who was a scientist working on Project Mogul and he stated that the wreckage from the crash contained no metal of any kind and was made up mostly of rubber, wood, and plastic. But there was one piece of wreckage that really caught Moore's eye, "It was a piece of tape, that looked like it had hieroglyphics on it "  stated Moore. Now are you ready for the twist? William Brazel  was out hiking with his daughter on a beautiful day in June, 1947. Brazel says he saw clusters of debris about 30 miles away from Roswell, and it just so happens that the materials he saw in the debris matched up almost exactly with the debris that the Charles Moore said was found. Now the odd thing about this, is that Brazel had to have seen the debris almost 3 weeks before the crash even happened.  

(Above) personnel from the 509th operations group observing some of the wreckage.

Several weeks after the crash, Glenn Dennis a young mortician had gotten several phone calls from the RAAF. The RAAF was asking about the availability of small hermetically sealed caskets. At this point Dennis was quite curios, he later went the air field on regards about the caskets and he was forcibly removed from the base. Dennis later contacted a friend of his who was a nurse that worked at the base. They met at a small coffee shop a few days later and the nurse explained to Dennis that she was present during the autopsies of several non-human bodies. She drew figures and diagrams on napkins for Dennis... Only a few days after there visit the nurse was transferred and the RAAF gave no explanation as to why. The following few weeks several people who were eye witnesses or had a part in the recovery efforts were either transferred or either "vanished".

Decades have gone by since the incident in Roswell, New Mexico. The mystery of the object that crashed has still not been solved. But several interviews have been conducted over the years. An ex CIA agent named Chase Brandon was interviewed and he described the object as "a craft that clearly did not come from earth". And then in 1979 Jesse Marcel was interviewed regarding his role in the recovery of the wreckage....This was his statement, "...It would not burn...That stuff weighs nothing, it's so thin' it isn't any thicker then the tinfoil in a cigarette package. It wouldn't bend. We even tried to make a dent in it with a 16 pound sledgehammer...There was still no dent." Nobody except the government really knows what happened on July 8, 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. But with the evidence that's out there many people have made conclusions as to what had happened. So what's yours?

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