This is our product.

Where Was It Raised?

Our product has seven ingredients in total. We have tracked down the origin of all of them. Here they are:

  1. Whole Grain Whole Wheat Flour: Believe it or not the wheat was grown right here in Canada! More specifically it was grown in prairie provinces of western Canada, Saskatchewan which was then shipped to Manitoba to be processed into the whole grain whole wheat flour.
  2. Whole Wheat Bran: Is white flour, wheat germ and bran put together. "Wheat bran is a by-product, a waste product almost," said an author from This product is processed in the USA.
  3. Sugar:The sugar used in this mix was most likely produced in tropical regions, South America
  4. Salt:The salt used in this product were produced not to far from where the mix was made. It was probably produced in a different state.
  5. Baking Soda:This is manufactured in the US.(chemical compound)
  6. Sodium Aluminum Phosphate: This is manufactured mostly in China and shipped to where it can be added.(Chemical compound)
  7. Mono-Calcium Phosphate: This is also manufactured in China and shipped to where it would be added.(Chemical compound)


All of the ingredients were shipped to the USA and processed. It was then shipped to Mississauga, Canada which is where you can find it now.


The transportation varies throughout the entire process. Trucks, planes,and trains were all used to transport the food from where it was grown to where it is processed and then to the place where it's sold.


Once our product is bought from the supermarket shelves, it goes home to a family who will make light, fluffy pancakes and/or waffles for breakfast. This may not be the healthiest choice and is probably used mostly in home with busy parents. Once the box runs out of powder mix, it can be recycled and get reused for other products later on.