Hank Groover

Georgia Catholic Priest Hank Groover

The recipient of a master's degree in theology and Southern literature from the Dominican School of Theology at Berkeley, Hank Groover has long ministered to those in need throughout the Southern United States. Primarily operating in Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana, Hank Groover serves as a Dominican Friar and Catholic priest. He has ministered to people in many different settings, including colleges, prisons, retirement communities, and other institutions. Outside of the ministry, Groover contributes to Goodwill Industries International and the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, in addition to volunteering at soup kitchens.

When not working or volunteering, Henry Groover enjoys numerous hobbies, including scuba diving and fishing, especially for yellow fin tuna at the mouth of the Mississippi River in Venice, Louisiana. A former professional chef on a tug boat, he still regularly cooks seafood dishes such as shrimp etouffe and shrimp-stuffed mirliton.

Additionally, Henry Groover enjoys creating various art forms, including mosaics, calligraphy and watercolor painting. Moreover, he uses charcoal to sketch botanical images and makes innovative use of the negative space.