Wonder Character in the Spotlight : August
Project by Hannah


characters tie to the theme

I think that august brings the theme of not afraid of people looking at him and talking  about him and I know this because in the book it said that at the end he was not afraid of people and he had made a lot of friends


what influences does the character have on others


What August had on other  characters is that he did not mind what they said and he taught other kids what he was like .He also tough kids to never judge a boy by his face . He was a very good friend to his friends he would never leave them and he cared about them . I think that he tough that hole fifth grade how to act . Also one more thing is that he told a kid named Julian to stop being mean and that no one would want to be his friend , he did that with out even telling him    


this is showing that august life is like a big picture and at the end he had the last part to the picture and on the story and he his a very good kid and he knows how is picture is going to look like :)

Art Representation