An Appy Exploration

Parent Council-Hanover February 11th

Below are the apps we discussed this evening.

Library eResources: a collection of fiction and non fiction resources provided by the board. Contact your Teacher Librarian for passwords. Click here to access page.

TVOkids apps: a variety of FREE apps for Kindergarten to grade 4/5 including math and language. Click HERE to access the list or look in  your APP store (available for both Google Play and Apple App Store.)

Adobe Voice: quickly create your own family stories or narratives with Adobe Voice on the iPad.

Book Creator: publish your own shape book or a book of your favourite art work with the book creator app available for both Android and Apple.

Sketch Nation Studio: don't just play games, create your own! Click here to download for iPad or iPod. Click here to download for Android.

Common Sense Media app review: learn more about the apps your child shares with you HERE.