Hans Shmidheiser: Writing Advice

As a professional writer and accomplished author, Hans Shmidheiser has experienced the kind of writing success that many writers can only dreamabout. He started his career as an investigative journalist for a renowned news publication, and for a decade provided some of the best in-depth and captivating news articles the public has read. After calling time on his journalism career, Hans ventured into professional writing, penning the very popular Johnny Normal fiction series and Write Like You Mean It, which is a self-help book for aspiring writers.

Often, he will get interested writers asking for advice on how to get their careers going. First, he advises, is that you have to need to become a writer because there will be other enjoyable alternatives you can dabble in. The desire to write has to be innate, like the instant warmth you feel when you look at an adored newborn.

After you have decided that writing is the only thing you can think about, you have to develop a strong reading habit. Hans Shmidheiser learned this while growing up, and over the years has collected over 2,000 books in his New Orleans library. He credits many of the books for giving him the inspiration to write, and knows the wealth of good that comes from consistent reading.

If you are going to write fiction like Hans Shmidheiser, it is best to let your imagination run wild and let your thoughts be populated by the fictional character(s) you come up with. By doing so, the story will run its natural course, and the character development will feel easy.

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