Hans Shmidheiser - Encouraging Reading

Hans Shmidheiser is an accomplished and respected professional writer whose literary works have enthralled readers for more than a decade. His excellence in writing has partly been fueled by his love for reading. Over the years, Hans has built an impressive collection of literature, with over 2,000 books present in his New Orleans abode. Among the collection are various collections of his favorite authors, including Chuck Palahniuk, Tom Robbins, Douglas Adams, among many others.

As the author of the fan popular Johnny Normal book series, Hans Shmidheiser often finds himself turning to his vast book collection for ideas and inspiration. Many of his collected works are contemporary literature, which Hans often relates to and finds as inspirational for his absurdest fiction book series. Novels such as the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Slaughterhouse Five are especially significant to him since they helped him gather the ideas for his book project.

Over the years, Hans Shmidheiser has gained great insight from his collection and has now made it accessible to his local writing guild. By sharing with the community, he hopes they can get as much inspiration out of the variety included as he has. Already, some young writers are starting to tap into their writing prowess, all thanks to the exposure to different authors.

Looking back, Hans knows that without his passion for reading, he probably would not have become the writing expert he is today. Thus, he encourages writers to develop consistent reading habits, as doing so has more rewards than anticipated.

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