Happy 4th! We love 'Merica.

Can you imagine not having the freedom to say, do and create anything you like? We sure can't. Our country has given us opportunity and helped us believe we could make the world a more creative place by building a tool that anyone can use...Tackk!

In honor of our great country's birthday, we've put together a list of some of the most famous landmarks which represent everything the United States stands for: freedom, justice and equality.

Take a look through our list, share your own USA photos and video in the Stream and sing happy birthday to our great country!

Statue of Liberty

Given to the United States as a gift from France, Lady Liberty reminds us of the independence we declared on the fourth 239 years ago.

Mt. Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a memorial to our country's greatest presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell was first rung on July 8, 1776 to mark the reading of the Declaration of the Independence. The bell was placed at the head of Lincoln's coffin after his assassination.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument remembers America's 1st president: George Washington. Built to the east of the Reflecting Pool, it's the largest stone structure in the world.

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial remembers America's 16th president: Abraham Lincoln. The statue is located directly in the center of the north and south chambers of the exterior temple representing his presidential impact during the Civil War.

Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is the main attraction of the Jefferson Western Expansion Memorial. It's often coined as "The Gateway to the West."

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