Greetings from the North Pole

aka Cleveland, Ohio

Sometimes It Feels That Way

The holidays are a blur under the best of circumstances.  Before you've finished Thanksgiving leftovers, you're stuffing stockings, waiting in lines and nursing office-party hangovers.  The days grow shorter, darker and (in this part of the world) colder.  Now, add that we work for a tiny startup trying to do very big things and the word "blur" takes on new meaning.  We could be excused for forgetting to stop, reflect and acknowledge how far we've come in the few short months since launching Tackk.

One of our Core Values is to always be authentic.  So we wanted to take a quick time-out to express our gratitude for what we've accomplished and excitement for what's to come.

More than anything, we are grateful and inspired by the thousands of beautiful Tackks created by our users each week.  We set out to change how people create and share content on the web, but never expected to learn as much as we have in the last few months.  

And while user acceptance matters more to us than anything, it doesn't hurt when the tech community validates how hard we've worked to make Tackk simple and easy to use:

"I really love how Tackk guides you effortlessly through the creation process" Brooke Weinbaum, AllMyFaves

"Both the overall design and the user interface in particular are brilliant" Richard Moss, AppStorm

"Twitter’s too spare, Facebook's too crowded, and creating a new blog is too time consuming... Tackk has created a new option... with dead-simple posting tools and no registration necessary." Corey Cummings, Techli


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Happy Holidays from Tackk!