Happy Holidays!

Same Hattas. New City.

2013 was a year of milestones. We celebrated our 5th anniversary and 20th high school reunions. Both kids are talking now. A lot. And what comes out of their mouths both amazes and entertains us (see below). We also said 'good-bye' to Cleveland after six wonderful years. We've moved a couple hours South to Columbus and our new address can be found here. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a most awesome 2014.


4.5 Years

Favorite activity: Looking at self in the mirror

Current obsession we hope she outgrows: Not wearing underwear

Best quote from 2013: "Mom, I like that dress. Can I have it when you grow out of it?"


2.75 Years

Favorite activity: Incessant use of the word "poop"

Current obsession we hope he outgrows: Incessant use of the word "poop"

Best quote from 2013 (not including the word "poop"): On which show to watch... "Handy Manny has talking tools. Bob the Builder has talking trucks. It tough choice."


Knitting Sweaters. Saving Lives.

In addition to her work knitting wool sweaters and hats for the entire family, Meg helped to launch and lead Project Dawn, a program that is preventing deaths due heroin overdose. Meg also made it through 2013 without twerking. Not once.


Offending people since 1974

Among many proud accomplishments this year, Hatta finished a 5K run. In less than 2 hours. He also started blogging on HuffPo. Professionally, Hatta just joined a new Venture Capital fund, Drive Capital. Goals for 2014 include turning 40.