Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

“I'm sure I speak for the team when I say that your effort, drive and of course the end result were superb! Look forward to working with you further.“

- Mark Mamone, BT Global Professional Services.

“I have no doubt that you and your team are quite used to hearing how amazing you all are... Add all of us to the list of awestruck and inspired people you have helped towards defining their goals and vision. We have already been jabbering all weekend on how to make this all come true... It’s beyond exciting.“ -

- Andy Walraven, Chief Creative Officer, XEN

“I would once again like to thank you all for giving your time to Qatar and The Bid during the three day visit. Your input and feedback was invaluable, your criticisms constructive and justifiable and your conduct throughout the rehearsal first class…

…My biggest thank you is for the loud voice of support received from you all during the debrief session, as confident as we are this feedback is always welcome and confirms that we are what we express ourselves to be, hospitable, ambitious achievers.”

- Hassan Al-Thawadi CEO Qatar 2022 World Cup Bid Committee

“This work has completely exceeded our expectations, it is so critical to our business and without this event we would be in the dark ages forever.“ -

- Jim Devlin. President. Invensys Home Controls Division.

“I have to congratulate and thank Rushmans. Their professionalism expertise and knowledge of the field has allowed them to master what has been an extremely complex project. The massive media coverage, and the superb facilities speak for themselves”.

- Russ Thomas, Chairman Rugby World Cup Ltd

“The work we did together at WH Smith was really inspiring. The whole approach and the resulting Frameworks enabled us to get real breakthrough thinking around the brand, in the context of the whole business. In any strategy work it's critical that the Board have shared understanding and alignment about where the business is going and the key issues it faces, and that they can see the whole business context, not just the immediate problem. However, in my experience, it's rare to achieve this. Your process delivers both“

- Jo Howard. Business Strategy Director. WH Smith.

“It's almost impossible to put into words my gratitude and admiration for the efforts of you and the Rushmans team in putting together press operations across a complex mesh of more than 20 venues, including a stunning Main Press Centre, which has involved a massive 39 sports – 11 more than the Olympic programme”.

- Reg Gratton Media Services Manager Asian Games Qatar.

“The Customer Journeys and overall connected strategy work was so powerful, thank you
. This work is critical to the next stage of this change in the business.“

- Head of Strategy. Marks & Spencer.

“The client's immediate reaction was one of immense relief that she could discuss the intricacy of her issues with people that could help her put them in context and perspective.“

- Alan Thompson, Team Principal, Daimler Chrysler.

“I cannot recall a single problem of any sort at any venue. The accreditation and the match ticketing went incredibly smoothly, and indeed the thought that I could forget all the potential hassles and simply sit down and get on with the work was a valuable feeling. The press centres themselves were excellent. I look forward to meeting you again soon, but in the meanwhile, congratulations again on such a fantastic job."

- Stephen Jones, The Sunday Times

“Thanks for the prompt note and the feedback - internal feedback has been very positive with real engagement, motivation and interest across the extended leadership team - we have certainly kindled a thirst for more involvement which was the overriding objective together with an improved degree of acceptance and ownership. Sincere thanks to you and Hazel for your excellent preparation and work to facilitate and bring 'co-creation' (it's now in my dictionary!) to life on the day - despite my initial concerns it worked - extremely well!

- Tony Wood. Managing Director, Rolls-Royce Defence Aerospace.

"It brought into sharp focus the things that we were doing just as quickly as those essential ingredients that had been overlooked. The Frameworks became a conscious barometer for the whole business. It helped demystify many elements of the communication mix and most essentially gave credence to what was going on behind the scenes in a way that all people could understand and buy into. The Frameworks liberated thinking and brought much needed light, understanding and finally empathy to many an erstwhile blinkered ‘Doubting Thomas'".

-Alexei Orlov. Strategy and Marketing Director, Mazda Cars.

“I have worked on projects with Rushmans since 1996 and I knew when we got you on board just what you would deliver.”

- Dave Sadler, Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management