Squeeze in, friends. Things are about to get merry + bright.

A happy, holiday letter from Tackk.

You're looking at us right now, thinking, "Geez, Tackk, you've grown!" Like everyone else in your news feed, Tackk added family in 2013. We made room for Jeff, Andria, Caleb, Andy and Dan H. on the couch, and let's just say it's getting cozy in here! We also freshened things up around the internet and made some great new friends.

Kudos, snaps, chest bumps and high-fives.

By now you've heard our biggest news: Tackk swept the 2013 International Startup Volleypong League Tournament (see the highlights). But it's not all teamwork and championships at Tackk. Here's kudos for how we each killed it in 2013:

  • Andria visited 10 major U.S. cities, for work and her love-for-life.
  • Jeff picked up his driver's license and a lovely fiancée, Sarah.
  • Niemann ran more than 1,000 miles. No, really. With his feet.
  • Pasto became the reigning champion in Dusty Diamonds All-Star Softball for NES.
  • Kyle developed an unbeatable pong spike and welcomed new daughter, Cora, to the world.
  • Caleb just completed eight months being vegan.
  • Dan H. began working at Tackk.
  • Dan K. crafted his own beer (first IPA will be ready for the holidays!).
  • Andy grew about 6.5 feet.
  • Eric started drinking coffee, finished p90x and has kept cool while he and his wife, Jackie, await their first baby.
  • Gina also started drinking coffee, married Ryan and had Jack.

Keeping it real in 2014.

What will 2014 bring for Tackk? We're super geeked for another million visitors, plenty of slick new features... and perhaps a couple Tackks by Jack Dorsey? Or simply making your new year bright! Keep us in the loop re: your Tackk experience. Ask questions, tweet us your holiday letters and share your new year's resolutions. Make room for us on the couch and spend some quality time with Tackk this year.

Ridiculously Happy Holidays + New Year to You!
The Tackk Team