Here's hoping your holidays don't get too crazy.

Love, Ryan + Gina

Heck yeah, it's been a year!

Too much to spell out via social media, it's a story best told with a classic "Holiday Letter" to everyone we love. (That's you.)

By now you know our biggest news: in early 2012, we both chopped off our hair. Ryan's curly locks have been missed far more than my 12-inch donation. And then in October, we combined our shoe collections under one roof.

We moved in (together) to the Federal Knitting Mills Building in Ohio City. We're kind of proud of our rooftop deck, view of downtown Cleveland and our new crepe-maker. Hosting Thanksgiving was just a dreamy success. We're looking forward to plenty of new-year brunches. You should visit.

On the road again.

But we haven't been homebodies. We visited my mom this summer in San Diego, where Ryan ate a salad and I surfed for exactly 1.5 seconds. And a side-trip revealed the unlikely truth that, like Randy Newman, I love LA. It also demonstrated Ryan's unparalleled ability to navigate any city, on-the-fly, like he lives there.

In fact, he's whisked us around several cities from coast to coast this year, including New York, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, D.C. and Denver. We've caught a number of ball games, as well as a space shuttle and a Beastie Boy. Our visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water was just a mind-blower, which left us both regretting having not become multi-millionaires in the 1930s.

Drummer boy.

While in Denver, Ryan reunited with Sleeper Horse for one magical night, which confirmed the unquestionable truth that this boy is kind of a big deal. The guys had just a few days' practice together — for the first time in forever — before putting on one helluva show. It left more than just this girl swooning over our favorite rockstar.

Ryan also lends his drumming (and whistling) talent to his band, Seafair, which has been recording a new album this month. You can catch Seafair live at a number of shows around Cleveland, including Dec. 27 at Mahall's 20 Lanes and a handful more in 2013.

But it hasn't been all song and dance for Mr. Kelly in 2012. Ryan took on year #2 of his triumphant return to school as an education major. He pulled off a very dapper Mr.-Kelly-as-math-teacher for classroom-observations at his alma mater, St. Ed's, in October. He spent days at his elementary school, St. Mark's, in West Park, and a middle school in Berea.

Ryan also puts those smarts to good use on Monday nights at the Happy Dog. He and his friend Alan (a.k.a. "The Champagne of Trivia") rule the roost in the most challenging trivia night around. On Monday, they won worldwide bragging rights as the trivia champs of the year!

Working girl.

Foray into power-lifting aside, I stayed off the athletic kick in 2012. I managed to lift some pretty heavy things — max 250-lb deadlift, 135-lb bench press, 165-lb squat — and win a much bigger butt than you previously thought possible.

It turned out to be a much-needed, low-key year. When I wasn't cycling, Clevelanding and writing all about it, I was setting the record for having my name on the greatest number of business cards in a single year. I started pitching in CLE love, part-time, at Live Cleveland in June. Five years at CWRU ended in August. I took a quarter-long layover in global e-business at Parker Hannifin before finding true love at Tackk, where I'm part of a small team working to build the next great internet company — in Cleveland, no less.

In fact, I start today (wish me luck)!

Merriest holidays, happiest new years and lots of love!