England Exploring the Americas

The Best Explorer

It is the year 1540, everyone is racing to claim land in the Americas.  The English Explorers are returning with little things, and many of them have died terrible deaths.  My lord, King Henry VIII, I, Sir William of England, have come to you to plea for supplies and money to fund my journey to the New World.  I assure you, my exploration with have successful results.  I will claim land for England, spread our religion throughout the land, and find gold for England!  I will travel across the land, until I find the Plains region of America.  We will dig for gold, and hunt the animals their called Buffalos.  They will provide an plethora of food, and we can use them if we need to adapt our clothing.  Also, when I return we can sell the pelts of these Buffalo for more funds.  There are many rivers in the areas next to this region, and I plan to have people dig canals to our colony so we will never run out of fresh water.  I have heard rumors of the Indian Tribe, the Lakota, living around this region.  If we cross paths with this Lakota tribe, I will offer them a chance to join us.  If they refuse, we will walk up to their leader and slay him!  Then I will offer again for them to join us, the ones who do will be forced to convert to our Christianity, and the ones who still refuse will be either killed, or be used as slaves to build shelters, and dig the water canal.  The competition, Spain and France, are looking for gold, power, and territory as well, so we need to act fast!  As for how to control them, I will still offer them a chance to join us, but if they do not I will act like we left peacefully, but we will sneak up to their shelter at night and raid them.  As I explained before, to overcome starvation we will eat Buffalo, and to overcome dehydration we will have the slaves dig a water canal to the colony.  As for medicine and diseases, we will ask natives for help, and other colonies from England.  I do not want to blatantly start a war, but if one of my men is dying, I am not afraid to raid other colonies if they do not help us.  So my good King Henry, please give me funds for this journey to the New World so I can claim land for England, convert Indians to Christians, and dig for gold!

                                                        Christianity In America!

The English Colony!

All the Gold!

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