Harald Getrey jr

Experienced Restaurateur and Head of Getrey Gruppe

About Harald Getrey jr

Serving in the position of director of business for the Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany-based McDonald’s Getrey Gruppe, Harald Getrey, Jr., furthers a family tradition started by his parents in the early 1980s, owning and operating a series of successful McDonald’s franchises in western Germany. Currently, Harald Getrey, Jr., runs McDonald’s locations in Saarbrucken, Zweibrucken, Dudweiler, Homburg, Pirmasens, and elsewhere, with 12 restaurants under management of Getrey Gruppe. In addition to his work with his company, he contributes to such philanthropic organizations as McDonald’s Kinderhilfe Stiftung, which funds the development of German Ronald McDonald Houses.

Prior to his current endeavors, Mr. Getrey earned his bachelor’s degree in international business administration from the Munich Business School, where he pursued studies in finance and the media. He also attended Das Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Gymnasium in Saarbrucken.

When not attending to his professional responsibilities, the accomplished restaurateur enjoys running and hunting. He also plays handball with the Handballspielgemeinschaft Spiesen-Elversberg club.

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