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About Hardison Law Firm

Adam Hardison, the principal attorney and founder of the Hardison Law Firm, is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in personal injury law, an accreditation received by less than 2 percent of all practicing attorneys. He specializes in clients who have been injured by dog bites or by a fall or falling objects, such as merchandise, on another person’s property. The Hardison Law Firm as a whole addresses a variety of personal injury cases, ranging from automobile accidents to instances of wrongful death.

In addition to widespread litigation experience and a strong academic foundation, lawyers at the Hardison Law Firm have more than a professional interest in personal injury law, bringing compassion and dedication to every case. The group is set on creating a safer environment in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by appealing to the consciences of each jury they encounter.

The firm has achieved a number of notable victories. They recently secured a $10 million settlement in a wrongful death boating accident for a client. They have also won cases involving car accidents caused by intoxicated drivers and have recovered all claims for medical expenses in various personal injury lawsuits.