A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Hunter Harlan
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Loctite: Win At Glue
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Hunter Harlan

This Super Bowl was taken by surprise when Loctite, a glue company that has never had a Super Bowl ad in the past had the highest emotional lift of any other commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. The reason that this commercial was so successful was because of their excellent use of ethos, pathos, and logos. Many may see the commercial and think thats it is funny, but when taken apart, and read closely you can see that it is a carefully constructed advertizing masterpiece that grabs your attention from the beginning to the end.

The very beginning of this commercial shows a mixed group middle aged, and older adults dancing with fanny packs that say Loctite on them. They picked this because it would appeal to an area that might not be as interested or likely to purchase glue. The older population would still find this funny, but the older population already buys glue products. Though this may cause them to change brands I feel that It is geared toward the younger generation, because of the type of dancing and the music that is being played in the ad. The next time that they would need glue they would buy Loctite. The audience would remember how funny the commercial was. To a demographic of people not as well versed in glue products as the older population, they would pick what is most familiar, remembering the ad that made them laugh rather than the informative one that wasn't visually stimulating. Almost every part of this ad is pathos and these scenes showcase it well.

the song in the background of this ad shows ethos. Now I know that ethos comes from a persons reliability and trustworthiness, but the main character, and the spokesperson of the ad is lip syncing the words of the song exclaiming the quality and uniqueness of the glue. The song states “If you make a thing, or break a thing its no problem.” this is a very non complex way of using ethos and pathos together. They blend it well with the rest of the ad by using this upbeat song that appeals to the audience expected to watch the super bowl. Another part of the ad that shows ethos is the older women with the unicorn attached to her shirt. She blankly stares at the camera and glues her pin back together. The pause on her face gives off a funny and awkward vibe, but she is showing the glue in action. Her blank face almost seems to say Loctite is good while at the same time works to grab attention in a comedic way. This part seems to work the same way as the opening scene where the main spokesperson glues his glasses together smiles in an almost cocky way and starts to lip sync and dance to the song. This for me pushes the message that if you ever want to fix something the right way you will need Loctite to fix it because thats what these funny people are using.

Another form of ethos being used is the group of people all using and proclaiming the same thing. There is power in numbers, the more people that use the product the more trustworthy it probably is. This works because people who see large numbers of people doing things tend to do them as well. The last bit of ethos is the very last scene of the commercial. It is a first hand testimonial, a fake one that is supposed to be funny. In this there is a man with his wife sitting in his lap and she says, "Loctite saved our marriage" This scene works because you can only assume that they were glued together. In a funny way it almost says that loctite will put your life together and for people wanting a laugh this might be enough to cause them to buy the glue if the rest of the ad didn't do that already. As this is a closing scene and is important to make a connection with the audience as something to remember.

Everybody watching the Super Bowl can relate to having a party. They are probably having one as the game is happening. The most powerful scene in this ad is the one that shows drinks glued to a wall. One of the actors grabs a drink and pulls the bottle from the cap leaving the cap glued to the wall. Everything is silent in this scene except for the sound of the drink opening which is pathos but the act of showing you the strength of the glue is a great way to use logos without any words. After viewing this my first thought was I need to do this. The way they stopped everything else for this part really drove it home because it caused the viewer to give their full attention to the screen at that moment by altering the sound and the speed of the ad. Other bits of logos were found when the glasses were glued together or the horn on the ladies unicorn pin. All of these things seemed to fix. Basically they are giving examples of how fast their glue sets. Immediately after sticking the glasses together they work as if they were never broken.

All of these rhetorical appeals helped this ad to be successful on a large scale not just on the tv screen but on social media as well. #winatglue trended and positive conversation loctite. On social media it was ranked one of the funniest ads in the 2015 Super Bowl. The way they used these appeals kept your attention, and most importantly kept you laughing the whole way through.

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