Harlem Renaissance Introduction

Following the hardships of Realism and Naturalism, American literature, like America herself, witnessed a change with the booming economy which followed World War I. During the beginning years of the Modernism period, African Americans enjoyed their new place among those who produced culture for the diverse young country. The Harlem Renaissance introduced the thinking and culture of African Americans. In your American Literature book, read pages 896-901 and answer the following questions.

1. What music was born during the Harlem Renaissance?

2. Who said that the Harlem Renaissance was "the center of a spiritual coming of age"?

3. What was the "Great Migration"?

4. Who incorporated African images into his painting?

5. According to some scholars, what was the problem with the Harlem Renaissance that Langston Hughes agreed with?

6. Which African American writer won the Nobel Prize in literature? List one work by this writer.

7. Who primarily raised Langston Hughes?

8. What did Hughes do after quitting college?

9. What work by Hughes helped define the spirit and motivation of the Harlem Renaissance?

10. Who may be the speaker of a poem?