We do what we love, love what we do. So...

Here's to Anne Hartnett and one amazing Harness Cycle Family!

Whether it's on the bike or in business, 6 in the morning or all night long, you remind us that hardwork can hurt, look great and be done while whooping, hollahing, sweating and smiling, all at the same time. Girls (Grady and Andy too!), you make this look good! You rile us up. You get our asses moving, improving. You've given us firmer butts and the fire to kick down any door that stands in our way.

Congratulations on four killer months at Cycle Lab and your hot new beginning at the corner of West 29th and Detroit. We look forward to countless grueling mornings, happy hours and weekends together. Here's to you. Harness the love!

Happy Galentine's + Valentine's Day!
Harness Cyclists Anonymous