Declaration of Independence

Consent of the Governed and Unalienable Rights

Map of Colonial America

Consent of the Governed and Unalienable Rights

Unalienable Rights - Rights including but not limited to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Consent of the Governed -The authority of a Government should depend on the consent of the people.

A just Government needs the Consent of the Governed to make sure the people believe that their rights are being decided by themselves. The Government's job is to protect our Unalienable Rights, however if it does not accomplish this the people being ruled have a right to overturn the Government.

These two principles matter to me a considerable amount. I can't vote yet so consent of the Governed doesn't affect me directly, however the Unalienable Rights are very important to me, as I want to have the Right to my Life, and to be able to control my own Life.

Are the principles of Unalienable Rights and Consent of the Governed still relevant to the US?

Yes, the principles, Unalienable Rights and Consent of the Governed, mentioned by the Declaration, are still relevant to the United States today. We have the right to our Lives, to Liberty, and to pursue Happiness. We also have people, that we vote in to office, to represent us.


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