Harry Coumnas Has Married An African Tribal Woman

Harry Coumnas is a forty seven year old psychologist based in France. Last year, he was on an extended tour of Africa to perform a study on the behavioral patterns of tribal people. To ensure the success of his psychological research, he even lived with an African tribe, named "Hamer Tribe". It was during his stay with the tribal group that he found the love of his life, "Daizy", who he now is married to.

In his research reports Harry Coumnas has clearly mentioned about how he fell for this tribal woman. In his own words, he has stated, "During the initial days of my stay in a tribal environment, I faced a lot of difficulties. I neither knew their language nor their behavioral patterns. In fact, I wasn't even welcomed, when I introduced myself to the tribal group and the purpose for which I wanted to live with them. However, I was determined to know about them as "human beings" on a deeper level. Plus, there was one person from the tribal group, who was always there to support me in every way and i.e. Daizy. As we did not understand each other's language, we spoke through signs or by drawing pictures on the ground. During all this, I realized that I have starting loving her. My feelings grew so intensive by the end of my stay that I decided to marry her."

Harry Coumnas is now back to France with his Tribal wife. He is extremely happy and wants his wife to enjoy the luxuries of civilized life. These days he is busy giving a makeover to her so that she fits well and feels comfortable in the new environment.

Harry Coumnas is a psychologist from France, who has married a woman from "Hamer Tribe", a popular African ethnic group. He fell in love with her last year during his stay with the tribal group. Although the purpose behind his stay was only to study the behavioral patterns of tribal people, he ended up falling for one of the women named Daizy and eventually married her.