Harry Coumnas

Harry Coumnas Is A Brilliant Scientist Who Has Keen Interest In UFOs

Harry Coumnas is a great scientist who is conducting a study of UFOs based on different theories. There are many different theories and some are out-and-out skeptics. Some people fully believe in such theories and some are somewhere in-between. There are a number of theories that have been proposed as to the identity of UFOs. Following are some theories on which he is conducting his studies.

1. Misconception Of Natural Phenomenon – It is the most natural activity known to the human observer. Occasionally, there are some weird happenings in nature that are out of the ordinary. For instance the famous aurora borealis, cloud formations, and debris from the outer space. These can be counted amongst the uncommon, yet natural phenomena.

2. Unknown Technology - From super-fast computers to airplanes, mankind has created countless wonders. To fulfill the needs of national security, government groups have produced secret alien-like technology. This doesn't necessitate an extraterrestrial source. Harry Coumnas personally refers this theory.

3. Alien Visitors - This is the most vital view which is mostly believed among ufologists. A number of people believe that most of the technology was borrowed from extraterrestrial intelligences.

4. Terrestrial visitors - This is not that much popular that UFOs are of terrestrial origin. Perhaps they originate in the center of the earth or maybe they reside in some of the more remote places on earth such as the poles, in volcanoes, etc.

5. Inter-dimensional Visitors – Due to the seemingly vast distances an alien would have to traverse to reach on the planet earth, some have postulated aliens of an inter-dimensional sort. These inter-dimensional beings are able to cross over into this dimension with the help of sophisticated technology.

6. Angelic Manifestations - This theory is similar to the inter-dimensional one, but depends more on a spiritual mechanism than a technological one for transporting between dimensions. Therefore, the beings who leap from one dimension to another are pure angelic in nature.