Harry Nat Gelbard

President of GreenStone Gold

About Harry Nat Gelbard

Harry Gelbard is an accomplished venture capitalist and business management professional, who currently serves as president of GreenStone Gold, Inc., in Denver, Colorado. GreenStone Gold focuses on financial projects in the precious metals markets arena. Since forming the company in 2013, Harry Gelbard has assembled a strong management team to oversee the company’s forthcoming transactions. He has recently put together several potential funding sources to capitalize the company. Prior to joining GreenStone Gold, Mr. Gelbard served as president of BlackStar Energy Group in Denver. Earlier in his career, he was president of Canberra Financial, an investment banking company in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,spearheading numerous successful venture capital deals. In his first job, he worked as a commodities specialist at Merrill Lynch, in Calgary, assisting in managing the division.

Educated at the University of Miami, Mr. Gelbard earned his bachelor of arts in finance and business administration. Prior to moving to the United States for college, he lived in Hong Kong and South Korea where he graduated from high school in Seoul. In his personal life, he enjoys traveling, downhill skiing, and playing tennis.

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