Harry Pollack

Harry Pollack Leads NCL to Become a Global Cleaning Products Supplier

About Harry Pollack

As CEO of Philadelphia-based National Chemical Laboratories (NCL), Harry Pollack oversees the operations of a commercial cleaning products company that manufactures and markets both equipment and environmentally friendly solutions for preserving and restoring multiple types of surfaces. Under his leadership the company has expanded from a regional enterprise to a global business that sells products in 55 countries, maintains branch offices in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and operates a subsidiary manufacturing facility in Vietnam. Most recently, Harry Pollack led the planning for a training and distribution center in Phoenix, Arizona, that will allow NCL distributors to receive the company’s products more efficiently and receive instruction in their proper use.

Previously, Harry Pollack served as president of the High Performance Tennis Academy in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. A former top-ranked junior tennis player and a member of the Wake Forest University tennis team, he founded the training institution in 2009 and recruited former professional tennis players Taj Colantoni and Charles Wheeler to teach junior tennis players the mechanics of the game.

Along with heading NCL, Harry Pollack helps advocate the interests of local business owners and residents in his neighborhood as vice president of the North of Vine Association.

Warmup Exercises for Tennis Players

Harry Pollack, CEO of National Chemical Laboratories, pursues a lifelong interest in tennis. Harry Pollack ranked in the top 100 nationwide as a junior player and continues to compete recreationally.

A proper warm-up routine helps a tennis player to prepare for a match and avoid injury. Experts in sports science recommend a dynamic warm-up, which uses controlled movements to take the body through its full range of motion. A gentle jog with arm circles gets the blood moving, as do side steps with arm swings in front of the body. Lifting and hugging the knee, then dropping into a lunge, improves hip and knee strength as well as balance and flexibility.

Diagonal hopping to the left and right adds a bit more impact to the dynamic warm-up. Similarly, running forward with large steps helps to promote balance and warms up the leg muscles. Players who anticipate having to slide can do angle or sprint slides as well. Finally, technique drills such as practice serves prepare those particular muscles used in play.