A Judging Society


It's Effects: 2015

As I sit here, sipping my coffee & planning my day, I began to think of all the people who I have let influence my decision making over the years based on the either "Social Norms" of Today or Yesteryear. Why have I let so many people change My Mind? My Plans? My Personality? My Life? It finally came to me half way through my coffee. I was afraid of being Judged!

Society today will condemn & outcast you if you don't conform to a certain way of life. When you stand up for something you believe in, you classified as a rebellion. Opinions and Individuality are now almost none existent.

If you are a Young Adult, you are pressured to be "Normal". How can you be  something that in actuality & reality  doesn't exist. Everyone learns at different paces, has different personalities, there is not one person who is exactly the same. They may have similar traits, but that's where it ends. To many Young Adults have this need to be "Perfect", all because society won't accept anything different. We are setting them up for failure.

As an Adult, this "Perfection" aspect carries on. You get married, yet your marriage isn't like the cookie cutter ones you see blasted all over social media. Now your mind is filled with doubt. Instead of trying to fix it, you give up because society tells marriage isn't worth it anymore. Society tells you it's harder being married and will be less acceptable if you choose to start a family! Wow, society really has some balls!

Now say you have children, married or not. In today's society you will be judged on just about everything you do as a parent. Society will put the fear of God in you! People who didn't have anxiety, now look at mental institutions as a vacation spot! I mean how dare you attempt to actually raise Your child based on Your morals, Your values, or Wait For It.... How You Want! Nope, you will be judged if you don't change every fiber of your being to please society.

Due to all this, children lack respect, discipline, morals & values! Suicide rates in children are escalating due to unnecessary judgements. Parents divorce because they feel that is the only way to be accepted. Our children are dying because of the overwhelming pressure to be perfect. Now I am only one person, One voice, but at least for my family, starting today, I am going to stop caring so much what society thinks. As a mother of 4 amazing, beautiful, smart children, it's my job to give them everything they need to succeed in this life! Sorry society but right now your an Epic Fail!

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