Fairy and the Harvest Moon

A harvest moon fairy is just the thing for autumn and Halloween.  Or any time of year for that matter.  Here's some nice items with that picture.

Harvest Moon Fairy Tray

This harvest moon fairy with her orange wings, purple outfit, and the orange pumpkins in front of a big white moon is quite the picture.  The contrast in colors is great.  Oh, and notice the black cat tucked in beside the pumpkins?

You can click on the LINK HERE for more information on how to get these trays for yourself, along with the pricing.  No obligation to buy of course... you can just take a look and see if you like them.


Harvest Moon & Fairies Halloween Card

Here's an old-fashioned Halloween card, with fairies and a harvest moon, along with a cute rhyme: "Tonight, upon your pillow, Close your eyes and hide your head, For the fairies and the goblins Will be hovering round your bed."

You can get one of these cards for yourself.  Just click this link HERE and it will take you to where you can get information, pricing, and buy the card if you wish.

Adult Harvest Moon Fairy Costume

Here's a neat costume for someone who wants to be a harvest moon fairy.  Great to wear to a party.  You can find out all about it by clicking HERE

Don't forget to put on some fake tattoos for the night with a little glitter and glitz.  You'd be the sexiest fairy at the party for sure!



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