Harvey and Harmony

Describe the photo for someone who can't see it. Be as detailed as you can. Your goal is to be able to speak about the photo for one minute.

1. Now watch the first 9 seconds of the video and think about what the man wants to know.

2. He is probably wondering how this magnificently coiffured poodle ended up on his doorstep. Work in groups to come up with the story of the events leading up to Harmony's arrival at Harry's house. Write down things that might / could / must have happened.

3. Get into new groups. Tell each other your stories. Which story did you like best? Who came up with the most original ideas? Choose someone in your group to tell their story to the class.

4. Now let's watch the rest of the video and see if any of your ideas were similar.

5. List what Harvey and Harmony did on their dates in preparation for writing the story as shown in the video.

6. Write an article on the best places to go and the best things to do on a date in your city.

At home: There are two more Harvey ads on the internet. Find them and watch them. Prepare to give your opinion on them next class.


The ad opens when the doorbell rings. Harvey’s owner opens the door and is confused to discover a poodle sitting expectantly on the doorstep with a suitcase. To persuade his owner to let her in, the ever-resourceful Harvey then plays a TV ad telling the story of how he and Harmony, the poodle, fell in love. It features the couple speed-dating, going to the cinema, doing yoga, going on the ultimate canine date to the Natural History Museum (and stealing a dinosaur bone), enjoying a sunlit picnic, and it shows Harmony posing for Harvey as he paints her portrait.

Harvey and Rabbit

Harvey has other ads. Let's Watch him with his stuffed animal, Rabbit.

1. Write an opening line: As the ad opens, Harvey's master is ....

2. Now write the seven things that Harvey and Rabbit do together. Use Word Reference, not Google Translate, to search for vocabulary. Read all of the different definitions and choose the best one. Don't just choose the first one on the list.

  • They play on a seesaw together.
  • They have their photos taken in costumes in a photo booth.
  • Harvey buries Rabbit in the sand and makes him into a mermaid.
  • Harvey rescues Rabbit from a burning house and resuscitates him by licking him.
  • They steal sausages from the butcher's and Rabbit drives the getaway car.
  • Harvey makes a mix tape for Rabbit and dances to it on his hind legs while Rabbit listens on headphones.
  • They lie down on their backs in the grass watching cloud shapes.

3. Write a line to describe the end of the ad: After watching Harvey's video, his master ...