Harvey R. Glick

Tax and Accounting for Educational Institutions

About Harvey R. Glick

Harvey R. Glick, CPA, is an accomplished accounting professional with diverse experience working with educational institutions. Serving clients including private proprietary schools and nonprofit organizations, he frequently handles accounting issues regarding Title IV programs, as well as yearly audits. Since focusing his career on working with schools, he has become highly knowledgeable with the guidelines of the US Department of Education. Applying his expertise, Harvey R. Glick, CPA, has authored a number of magazine articles pertinent to educational taxation and accounting issues.

With more than 38 years of experience as an accountant, Mr. Glick holds the status of CPA in multiple states. His accounting firm is located in Scarsdale, New York. It consistently has been approved by peer reviews every three years.

Harvey R. Glick is a graduate of the Bernard M. Baruch College, where he completed a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in accounting and a master of business administration in taxation. In his local community, he has held the position of treasurer with Young Israel of Scarsdale.

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