Gupta Empire

The Gupta Empire was after the Mauryan empire. India`s dark ages were between from 185 BCE to CE 300. Between 185 BCE and 300 CE  trade was still going on . The Kushan invaders absorbed by India, Kushan kings adopting the manners and language of the Indians marrying with Indian royalty.  By the early 300s, power in India was returning to the Magadha region. In the early 300s India was entering what was known to be as the classical age. In 319, Chandra Gupta created the title Kings of kings for himself  and he extended his rule westward to Prayaga, in north central India. Chandra told his son, Samdra  to rule the world. Samdra immersed Bengal, and kingdoms in Nepal and Assam and paid his father tribute. Samdra  expanded his empire westward, conquering Malva and the Sacha kingdom Uijayini. Around 380 Samdra son Chandra Gupta the second expanded Gupta`s rule to India`s west coast where new ports were created to help India`s trade with countries farther west. His rule influenced local powers beyond the Indus River and north to Kashmir. The Gupta empire was to the late 200s to the late 500s.   

The Gupta empire most of northern, central India and Bangladiesh.

India had a golden age. It came during the Gupta empire. Chandra Gupta started the empire. A Golden Age is a time in a culture`s history where there is peace and prosperity, there are many great cultural contributions. Many contributions were the decimal system , Arabic numerals, and the concept of zero. there were many advances in medical technology like c- sections, inoculations, plastic surgery, printed medical guides 500 healing plants identified 1000 diseases classified.  Many people are saved today in modern society because of the findings of the medical contributions. There were many contributions in astronomy like the solar calendar and the the earth is round. One main contribution was literature  Kalidasa.

Today in modern day society c-sections help mothers give birth so if the mother has complication in birth. Also in modern day society people get plastic surgery so they can change on pf their thing they don`t like about themselves and they can feel good about themselves. If the Gupta did not create the math contribution we would not have people learning about math.