let's spring forward already.

This photo was taken sometime before today.

If mother nature was a person, I'd have my first fight.

It looks as though Punxsutawney Phil was involved in fraudulent activity, which is a seemingly appropriate character flaw for the poor man's gofer.

One day it's 80 degrees outside giving hope to every seasonally depressed Clevelander followed by a stint of a snowy-rain mix (coined by our weather people) in the 30s.  Awesome.  Not to mention the confusion of wardrobe it's causing every working professional downtown.  I wore a wool coat last week in 70 degree weather - just in case.

While my anxiety for spring is great for pharmaceutical companies, my patience is running out.  I have a Tribe fever that is not recognized by my family physician or WebMD.com  because the temperature outside is too cold to sit through a game.  How can I get some of those SwisherSweets to cure my Tribe fever if it's not recognized by the Internet's leading doctors?

10 out of 10 Windians fans agree Nick Swisher is the Z-pack for Tribe Fever.

Winter has lasted so long that children are looking to dirty car door snow as a source of food.  

Car doors are being treated like cheese boards and it's gross.

I think everyone everywhere (except Florida and parts of Texas - the religious parts) can collectively agree that we are ready to spring forward and start the patio drinking season already.  Because let's face it, a corona-rita on the rocks does not taste the same as one that is frozen due to mother nature's bad attitude and cold shoulder.


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