3 Spookiest Cleveland
Haunted Houses

These are the Haunted Houses that will give you the biggest frights in the cleveland area. Be prepared to be scared by dazed zombies, creepy monsters, and ghoulish ghosts.


1. 7 Floors of Hell

7 floors of Hell is a fun and scary time for everyone. They have varying levels of scary for all age groups. It has won the best Haunted house in Ohio by The Haunted house Association 4 years in a row 2002, 2003, 2004, AND 2005! and is ranked in the top 13 best haunted houses in the world!

General Admission: $25

Hours: Friday/Saturday 7:00pm - Midnight


2. Spooky Ranch

Spooky Ranch has been around for ver 20 Years of Screams. It has 5 Uniquely themed Awesome Attractions, including the top rated haunted hayride in Ohio. Experience in your fast style acting, thrills and suspense at Spooky Ranch, Cleveland's Premiere Haunted Event. Awarded National honors.

General Admission: $20

Hours: Thursday/Sunday 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Friday/Saturday 7:00pm - 11:30pm


3. Hauntville

4 Mind-blowing attractions. Be one of the first to experience, the thrilling new way to get scared. New for 2013, Zombie paintball hunt in 3D, shoot live zombies. Wicked Clowns in 4-D, the only 4D haunt in Ohio, the MUST SEE Haunted attraction this year.

General Admission: $16

Hours: Thursday/Sunday 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Friday/Saturday 7:00pm - Midnight