Hawaiian Moonshine

A Unique Product Crafted by Island Distillers

About Hawaiian Moonshine

Island Distillers, a provider of liquors produced in and inspired by Hawaii, makes Hawaiian Moonshine, the modern equivalent of okolehao, a spirit first created on the island by people from England and Australia in the late 1700s. Originally, the liquor was distilled using two pots that, when put side by side, looked like a person's rear end, which is why the locals began calling the liquor okolehao or "iron bottom." After learning the secrets of distillation, the native people of Hawaii began developing personalized okolehao recipes, most of which relied on both ti root and sugarcane. Island Distillers, the only licensed distillery in Honolulu, drew heavily on these traditions when developing Hawaiian Moonshine.

Complementing Hawaiian Moonshine, Island Distillers also offers the only sugar cane vodka produced locally in Hawaii. According to Southern Wine & Spirits of Hawaii, the vodka has a silky flavor that goes down smooth. The liquor includes no superfluous additives, and the distillery's commitment to purity shows in the Vodka's clean taste. For more information about Hawaiian Moonshine and Vodka, please visit the Island Distillers website at www.islanddistillers.com.

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