Hayley Ninnis

Hayley Ninnis - Pennsylvania State University Psychology Student

A resident of Pennsylvania, Hayley Ninnis studied psychology at Delaware County Community College in Media, Pennsylvania. She earned an associate’s degree in 2014. Subsequently, Hayley Ninnis was accepted into Pennsylvania State University, where she is currently working toward a master’s degree in psychology.

Prior to discovering her passion for helping others, Ms. Ninnis attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Honing her skills in fashion and art, she developed a knack for sewing, knitting, and clothes-making. She also became adept in tie-dye. She additionally completed two glassblowing courses at East Falls Glassworks in Philadelphia. She learned the basics of glassblowing as well as techniques for creating vases, cups, and ornaments.

Hayley Ninnis’ other interests include yoga. She earned a teaching training certificate in the fall of 2014, following 200 hours of education in Vinyasa yoga. Her certification demonstrates her knowledge in beginner to advanced power yoga flow and power yoga sculpt with weights flow.