Hayong Burke

The Varied Career of Hayong Burke

About Hayong Burke                    

For nearly a decade, Hayong Burke served as a cosmetologist with experience as a makeup stylist and hair stylist. The recipient of a diploma from World Vision College of Cosmetology, Burke garnered additional advanced training with Paul Mitchell, Vidal Sassoon, Schwarzkopf, and KMS California. Initially, she cut hair for clients of SuperCuts in Walnut Creek, California, and obtained certification in coloring and waxing. Subsequently, La Costa Resort and Spa hired her as a cosmetologist and hair stylist, and most recently, Hayong Burke spent a year as a contract cosmetologist and hair stylist at Tresmas Salon, Inc., in Reno, Nevada.

Prior to entering the cosmetology field, Burke performed as a sales supervisor for the fine jewelry department of Robinsons-May. Responsible for selling high-end items, she assisted customers in selecting the right pieces. After several years, Hayong Burke began assisting the vice president of sales and marketing at DFI, Inc. At the Hayward, California, motherboard manufacturer, she provided important services for its global sales force by processing orders, organizing travel arrangements, and monitoring current and past due accounts.                            

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