The Ball That Has Style

Mitchell McConomy, 4/16/14

You sit in the attic and collect dust,

Through Fall and Winter, you still have style.

When Spring comes you come out and are ready to play.

You are the ball that gets hit by a long piece of wood,

and when you are hit out of the vast park,

you are the ball that has style.

When the magnificent game starts, it's time to play ball.

You are now in play and can't turn back.

You get hit or go into the hole of strikes,

But when you are hit, you are the ball that has style.

Now its time to play defensive.

You are knocked in the massive field of defenders.

You get caught in the glove of greatness.

The king calls it and the opponent is now heading back,

to the cage until he is up to the challenge again.

It was a long battle, but finally over, and you did it.

You succeeded in your quest,

you are the ball that has style.

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