Murder in the Cathedral - T.S. Elliot

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"But if you kill me, I shall rise from my tomb to submit my cause before God's throne" (66).

Upon the return of The Archbishop, Thomas Becket, 3 priests discuss what happened when Thomas was exiled from England, by the King, for 7 years.  They are warned of the violence that is coming by the Herald, who announces The Archbishop's return.  When Thomas arrives, he is confronted by 4 tempters, all offering him something different.  But the 4th tempter offers him something he thinks about for a while, to gain splendor by being martyred.  When the Knights come to Canterbury because they hear about the King's frustration with Thomas.  They attempt to take Becket's life, but do they succeed?  Or do they fail?

Murder in the Cathedral was one of those books that I am glad to have read, but would never want to read again.  It definitely gave me that glimpse of how hard some books are to understand. However, the knights role did make the play more interesting, with their role in the book, and what they represent outside of the book, I would definitely say that the knights make the story much more appealing.  Although the book was slow moving, with text that was semi-difficult to read and follow along with, I believe that this play is great for someone who enjoys a good drama, with a crazy finish.  Or if you just love history, taking place in the 12th Century, Murder in the Cathedral is a great choice.  But if you like neither of those, steer clear of it, because it will be one long book.

Dallin Ladle

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