Reviews FIFA15UT mode analysis of player contracts to buy

FIFA15 player contract is likely that Cheap fifa 15 coins players on this is not very clear, players purchase contract requires a certain skill, how to buy it becomes a problem for many players, and now we bring ideas FIFA15UT mode analysis of player contracts to purchase.

Reviews FIFA15UT mode analysis of player contracts to buy

First, that is in front herein, this experience is completely meaningless for Tyrant, in fact, that some money to buy a contract, do not join the Tyrant of discernment, this experience is for the budget-conscious friends ~

This year also his first time playing UT mode, you may with respect to many experts, he is still a complete novice, but UT mode is indeed very attractive, in which the player's contract, but also in the race is an issue that must be faced, I believe we see all player contracts for 0:00 somewhat unhappy it, following it said I would own experiences.

When it comes to contract extension, built on the premise of this experience has purchased enough MANAGER, can grow 50% of the contract at the time of renewal of the number;

UT mode a ball on 11 players, it takes about 11 contracts, even if halfway Substitution more 1-3 contract, so every game you those revenues, there is actually a part of the contract is to be deducted a.

In three contracts, copper silver gold

First copper is not considered because the auction starting price of 150, the worst of copper on gold increased by only one field player contracts, an increase of 50% is basically non-existent, I believe no one buys such a contract, a ball an average contract price is 150;

Silver contract, Cape silver contract even, and flash copper almost. Flash silver contract can buy 18 games + 50% = 27 games, flash silver contracts are generally priced between 300-350:

30027 field averaged 11.11; 35027 field averaged 12.86;

Gold contract, Pugin contract screening is 13 + 50% = 19 games, starting 150 price for the basic unlikely to buy, generally around 200-250;

20018 field averaged 10.53 25019 field averaged 13.16;

Flash gold contract screening is 28 + 50% = 42 games, price from 300 to 550 or even higher;

30042 Field averaged 7.14 35042 8.33 per game farm field averaged 40,042 9.52 45,042 field averaged 10.7

50042 field averaged 11.9 55,042 13.1 per game field

There may be a friend to see a bunch of numbers feel dizzy, then you can ignore that stuff above, I summarized as follows:

Buy three contracts can buy silver flash Pugin flash gold, I can accept the basic contract price per game in 13 bit, then

Flash silver 300 can buy, do not buy more than 350

Pugin 200 can buy, do not buy high

Flash gold below 500 can buy, do not buy more than 550

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