Nitrous Oxide

Welcome to my blog! All about me and my time in earth's atmosphere! This is no laughing matter...

Fun Facts About Me!

Nick Name:  N2O

Full Name: Dinitrogen monoxide

Density: 1.98 g/cm³

Weight: 44.013 g/mol

Boiling point: -88.48 °C

Melting point: -90.86 °C

Fears: Water

Age: 110 (lets hope I make it to 120 like the rest!)

Hobbies: When I'm not making people laugh I like to hangout with my friends the greenhouse gases and absorb sun radiation. Once we get enough sun we think it's fun to vibrate our molecules and heat this place up!

Photo Shoot!

Some pictures of me from my work day at my favourite farm!

Selfie with my friends! Synthetic Ferlizer is the way to go!
Me at work, Fertilize that soil!

Thoughts of the Day

Today I realized since I'm 300 times stronger than Carbon Dioxide, I should shorten my name to Ox. Because I'm strong like one!

New Purchase!!

Got some new sunglasses! Just try and destroy me know Ultraviolet Radiation!

gotta thank my friends!

Shout out to my friends The Humans! Keep on producing me through your agriculture, transportation and industry activities! You guys are the best.

In hiding...

Heard a new certain bacteria in town is talking about running me out the atmosphere. Looks like I'm hanging on the down low for a few days!

Long weekend ahead

There's a long weekend coming up and I hope there's lots of road trips! More fuel combustion means more of my N20 friends coming to visit me in the atmosphere!

CUrrent Thoughts...

My favourite hangout spot has to be the Nitrogen Cycle! I feel so at home there it's like I'm  naturally present there!

Status Update!

Looking especially colourless these days! Might be getting sick! uhoh...


Someone told me I was slightly sweet-smelling the other day! I am still blushing!

Made a Diagram of my typical Cycle!


Heard I am suppose to increase by 5% by 2020! This is awesome. Maybe there will be enough of us to make a softball league...

Join my resistance!

Sign my petition to outlaw catalytic converters to reduce car emissions! Keep N2O Alive!


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