Western Cordillera by Savante Williams

Information about  the Western Cordillera

Physical Region: The Western Cordillera is a mountainous region in the Yukon, Alberta, British Columbia and some parts of the Northwest Territories. The Western Cordillera is divided up in to three parts.

The Eastern Mountains which are made up of two mountain ranges. The particular two mountain ranges are the famous Rocky Mountains and the Columbia Mountains these mountain ranges are dived by a lengthy valley called ‘The valley of the thousand peeks’, the northern rocky mountain trench is alienates with the Tintina trench. Columbia Mountains range is bordered by the Rocky Mountains trench on the east.

Coast Mountains: The third section of the Western Cordillera are the Coast Mountains which is created primarily of sedimentary rocks, Igneous Rocks and a little bit of some metamorphic rock that is underneath the surface in layers, there are not as tall as the rocky mountains and are a quite older and erosion started to begin. The coast mountains was created by convergent plate movement.

The Western Cordillera has a population of approximately 10 million people and the Cordillera region consist a series of mountain belts some 500 miles which is 800 km wide along Canada’s pacific coast. The Western Cordillera also has a mountain called Mount Logan which is Canada’s highest point with an elevation of 5,959 m. The Western Cordillera has some unique aspects to it like you can find some cool minerals such as gold, copper, lead and zinc and occasionally peaks rises to 10,000 ft. The climate in the Western Cordillera is maritime climate meaning the winters are usually above freezing and summers are cooler than in the interior of the continent. Igneous and metamorphic rocks can be found such as asbestos, potash, silver.

Human Activities&Buissness

The Western Cordillera due to its amount of water you can do recreational activities such as outdoor competitive fishing and rowing, but this place can be considered rural so people who like the countryside and doesn’t like the city or trying to get away from the city this is a great place to be but the cons is that there is no transportation in the western cordillera making it hard to travel. Attracting tourists can be difficult due to it being a lightly populated area The Western Cordillera has excellent water resources with lakes and rivers nearby you can create hydroelectricity from a waterfall which could bring power to local towns and people with it being efficient since water is a renewable resource when handled.


The Western Cordillera is great for mining and forestry. But due to the poor agriculture industry caused by permafrost in some parts of the western cordillera region making it hard to attract farmers and lab our workers. Mining and Forestry plays a main role as it is the largest industry in the region such as mining for minerals in the interior plains.


Vegetation is pretty common when 50% of British Columbia being a forest. In the southern part of the Western Cordillera with coniferous trees dispersed everywhere, you can find coniferous trees on the mountains but not many due to the high elevation which would create extremely cold temperatures that would make the coniferous trees die, the western cordillera receives a great amount of relief precipitation because of the height of the mountains and the high elevations, but for trees to grow it all depends on where you are if you’re in a place that has moist air or windward slopes.


On the climograph you can see that temperatures declines all the  below zero and unlike Vancouver, precipitation occurs more during the summer months.

On the Vancouver chart it shows that winters have much more precipitation  but during the summer time precipitation declines and the temperatures would increase making the climate hot.

Conclusion to the journey of the western cordillera

In conclusion the Western Cordillera is great place depending on what type of person your and your perforations on what type of environment you would like to live in. Great place for hiking, skiing, fishing and etc, great for recreational activities. It is a great fact that the legendary Rocky Mountains is actually in the Western Cordillera. That concludes my venture thank you

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