Over the year I've learned about keynote presentations ,
game design, and flyers, photoshop,and desktop publishing/pages,etc.These are some examples of my creations.

This was a project where we make our own fashion company. This is the logo done in photoshop.The company is happy caps a company that make custom and original caps.

That was an example of one the stop-motion projects we needed to create.It took about 10 slides .Done in keynote.

This is one of the projects we did in photoshop. It was a project we had to do where we make our own business and we had to make our own buisness cards flyers and logos.

This presentation was in the game design portion of the class. We had to research a game and make a presentation about the games- mechanics,components,space,and more information about the game, how its balanced the rules,etc.

This was another project involving flyers done in pages. It was done in the 2nd semester.It was based on a college and what the tuition fee is . The flyer is to promote the college with information about sports and courses on it.

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