Top Ten Differences From FFA and Charlie

Tayler Donahe

1.) In the movie Dr. Strauss is a woman .

2.) In the movie Charlie forced Mrs. Kinnian to kiss him.

3.) In the movie Charlie worked the machine perfectly the first time .

4.) In the movie Charlie told Mrs. Kinnian to leave his house .

5.) In the movie Charlie did drugs .

6.) In the movie Mrs. Kinnian had a fiance' named Frank .

7.) In the movie Mrs. Kinnian and Charlie romantically involved with eachother.

8.) In the movie Charlie didn't shout when the boy dropped the glass cups , he just helped him.

9.) In the movie Frank and the guys didn't have Charlie get a news paper , they had him wait on a street corner for it to snow .

10.) In the movie Charlies old self was chasing him in his thoughts.

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