Ankara Primary School is located in İzmir, a coastal city in the west of Turkey. Our school has a capacity for 746 students with a team of 42 teachers. Our students are aged between 6-10 with levels Pre-K up to Grade 4 and come from various socio-economic backgrounds. This allows us to carry out a wide range of facilities in our local community. Our school has actively been taking part in social occasions organized in our city such as festivals, competitions, parades and celebrations and has a firm stand on issues of democratic life style. This year we would like to apply for a School Project on developing healthy living habits. Today our life style is becoming more sedentary each and every day owing to wide use of technology. This problem is particularly serious for children in big cities, where they are given limited chance of outdoor play. Instead of playing outdoor games, children are iindoors being mostly engaged into computer games missing the chance to channel their physical energy in a healthy way. In addition to lack of physical activity, poor diet also contribute to unhealthy life style.
ın our Project we are trying to suggest a solution to this problem because we believe that for a functioning society we need to bring up healhty generations.
Now we are looking for serious and enthusiastic partners who can work with us on this topic. If you are interested in our Project, please do not hesitate asking further questions. You can contact us on

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