By: Jordan Salmon-Scarborough

Session 1

In session 1 we explored careers related to drafting, we got introduced to CADD software, we worked with alphabet lines. We learned to created a pattern for a module soapbox racer, we also assembled a fold-up soapbox racer, continued working with the alphabet of lines. The last thing is that we did was we explored procedures for dimensions and drawing.

Session 2

We used CAD software to dimension drawings and create multiple views of drawing. Measure the dimensions of geometric solids. Create, dimension, and print multiview drawings of geometric solids using CAD software.

Session 3

We continued working with the alphabet of lines. We learned about cutting-plane lines and section lines. Also we used Design CAD to create cutawaydrawings.

Session 4

We explored the fundamentals of floor plan design. We began creating an architectural drawing of our floor plan. It was pretty simple.

Session 5

Today we added cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and other essential furnishing to our floor plan. We had to know where to put our windows. Also how wide we had to make them.

Session 6

We added light switches and electrical outlets for our floor plan. We had to know how many there should be. Also where to put them and how to put them.

Session 7

For our last project we made changes to our roof. Then finally printed out our floor plan. We got to see our final product. Also


There are a lot but water drillers have to use CAD a lot. My partners dad is a water driller and he says they use it a lot to see where things should go. There are s lot more obviously but his dad uses CAD a lot.