Black Holes

A black hole is a space object that has alot of matter in an incredibly small space its powerful gravity sucks in everything nearby, even light.

Black Holes Are One Way Ticket to Eternity


It is believed that black holes may be a dead end, a portal to another universe, or a giant vacuum that sucks in everything that surrounds it.

If a person were to travel to the black hole the human would be torn into pieces while approaching it.

It would take forever to fall into a black hole.

Black holes cant be seen but its effects can be seen.

Black holes come in many sizes.

Black holes are found at the center of galaxies.

Black holes are nothing but empty space.

If the sun turned into a black hole the planets would continue in their normal orbits around the new "black" sun, so the planets would not be sucked in by the black hole, also we wouldn't be alive if that happened because the Earth would be frozen.

How were black holes discovered?

Black Holes were predicted by albert einstein

How are black holes studied?

Black holes cant be directly observed with a telescope with ways of detecting x-ray or electric radiation. An example of being able to study a black hole is if a star passes close to it, then the black hole tears the star apart as the star comes closer, and then the star becomes warm and emits x-rays that radiates into space .

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