Web Apps, Widgets and More


  • Use Google as a Timer - a simple tool to keep track of time.
  • Reminder 101 - an easy and safe way for teachers to text message parents and students.
  • Rubistar - create a rubric for project based learning activities.
  • Symbaloo - share your favorite websites with colleagues and students.
  • EdShelf - an awesome way to curate and share your useful websites and apps, complete with QR codes to print. Add your own notes as well!


Publish Sharing and Social Learning

  • Edmodo - a social networking site used for educational purposes
  • TodaysMeet - an easy to use backchannel without the need for logging in.
  • Kidblog - safe, private blogging for students.


  • Popplet - an online tool and app that allows you to create mind mapping and brainstorming diagrams.
  • Coogle - another mind mapping website.

Online Posters

Smore -  an online flyer maker.

Thinglink - create images with hotspots to embed text, link, video, and more.

Tackk - the page you are using right now- a no-nonsense webpage/poster maker.


Stoodle - realtime collaboration on a virtual whiteboard.

Stormboard- online brainstorming and collaboration on a realtime sticky note whiteboard.

Google Hangout - communicate with friends through chat and video calls.

Qrvoice.net- QR Codes that speak to you!!!!

Delivr.com- quick response to check for understanding.

Image Generator

Pinwords - upload your images and add text on top.

Recite - add text to a variety of background papers/images

Digital Story Telling

Docs Storybuilder - animated "Google Docs" story builder

Narrable- storytelling through images and narration. See this example.

Tiki-Toki - 3D Timeline with text, images, links, ect. See this example.


Khan Academy


iTunes U



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