Mahindra Centuro

Creating a buzz in the current market, Mahindra Centuro seems to have hit the jackpot with its fantabulous design and innovative features, giving a knee-jerk to competitors such as Hero, Bajaj and Honda. Its distinct features along with a positive feedback has taken the motor bike market by storm, with its introductory price being Rs 44,000. It is known as one of the most technologically advanced motorcycle offering great value for money. Some of the most interesting features of the bike are as follows.


Stylish and unique, Centuro comes with a wheelbase of 1265 mm and ground clearance of 173 mm. It constitutes of twin tubes beneath the fuel tank and brand new body panels.

The Engine

Centuro’s premium is 110 cc and also constitutes Micro Chip Ignited-5 Curve, i.e., MCI-5 and a four speed transmission. To provide ride and comfort during riding, the company has come up with a 5-step rear suspension. With 8.5 bhp @8500 rpm along with a torque of 8.5 Nm @5500 rpm, Centuro is a great utility bike and an affordable buy for all the features it possesses. With a four speed manual transmission, it can definitely speed up to 60 kmph in about 9 seconds.


The mileage is fantastic, with its fuel efficiency being 85.4 kmpl along with a warranty of five years.


The engine is smooth and composed while providing its rider with a seamless torque delivery even at 8,000 rpm, with no sign of distress or fatigue.

Anti-theft Key

It constitutes of a central locking system, which introduces a new feature in Indian motorbikes; a multifunctional flip key with a 96-bit encryption. Also, it has an engine mobiliser.


The lamp has a new feature wherein the lights can stay on for a while even after the key is removed from the ignition. Also, it includes a brilliant feature wherein you can locate your bike in a heavily crowded parking lot due to its LED light/torch feature.

Available at an affordable price, Centuro sports a fully lit digital dashboard. It is divided into three parts, i.e., the DTE and the fuel gauge, the speedometer, and the trip meter along with a clock.

Priced at Rs. 45,000, Mahindra Centuro is the best bet if you want to upgrade yourself to a newer vehicle.