The Lucky Penny

Our color is lucky penny with brown sugar, broomstick, and bronze eucalyptus.

I was cleaning my room with a broomstick. There was filthy material on my dirty floor. With the final stroke of the broom I pulled out a lucky penny from under my drooping saggy bed. I also found a magnificent dollar. My luck was finally turning.

After cleaning my room I got hungry for some oatmeal. It required some delicious ingredients. Sugar, oats, milk, but as I was collecting the ingredients from my marvelous pantry I realized that I was out of brown sugar. So I was going to go to the store, but as I was going out of my driveway I found some brown sugar in my driveway. MY lucky penny was lucky once again.

But after eating I realized my plant was just as hungry as I was. But yet again I was out of food for my brown eucalyptus. But with my previous luck I suspected the food would just appear as usual. But my luck didn’t turn up and my so called lucky penny was no more.

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